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Every entrepreneur dreams of the day their pioneering vision gets validated by prestigious investors on a grand stage. For the founders of FlexifyMe, that dream became a reality when they stepped into the iconic Shark Tank India set for Season 3 on March 13, 2024. Little did they know that their innovative approach to chronic pain management would spark a fierce bidding war among the show’s sharp-minded Sharks.

Shark Tank Video

FlexifyMe’s Triumphant Shark Tank Pitch Video

FlexifyMe is revolutionizing digital therapeutics by combining cutting-edge AI motion tracking technology with the latest advancements in physiotherapy and yoga. Their journey began with a realization that traditional chronic pain treatments had major limitations – from geographical barriers to lack of real-time patient data and monitoring complexities. 

The company’s core mission? To empower patients and providers by bridging these gaps through innovative digital solutions. Their game-changing platform continuously analyzes users’ movements, providing instant guidance while dynamically adjusting exercise regimens to keep people engaged and motivated on their wellness path.

What really sets FlexifyMe apart is their first-of-its-kind postural analysis report. Using advanced technology, it pinpoints issues in a person’s posture and body alignment, then prescribes a scientific plan to correct these problems through monitored exercises. Under the remote supervision of elite medical experts, patients can access this cutting-edge chronic pain care from anywhere.

As the founders (Amit Bhayani and Manjeet Singh) shared FlexifyMe’s powerful vision with the Sharks, you could feel the energy in the room intensify. Namita Thapar of Emcure Pharmaceuticals and Amit Jain of CarDekho recognized the immense potential and were soon locked in a heated negotiation battle – both giants wanted a solo investment in this game-changing health-tech startup.   

Ultimately, Namita Thapar emerged victorious with a landmark deal: ₹1 crore for a 1.32% equity stake in FlexifyMe at a valuation of ₹38 crores, plus ₹50 lakh in debt at 10% interest over 2 years. While it was a difficult decision to go with just one Shark, having an elite pharmaceutical executive as an invested partner is invaluable.

But FlexifyMe’s Shark Tank experience was about much more than just funding. It validated years of hard work and signaled to the world that this innovative digital health solution is the future of chronic pain care. By combining yoga, postural therapy, AI monitoring and data-driven exercise regimens into one integrated platform, they are revolutionizing how we treat debilitating conditions like back pain, neck pain, knee issues and more.

The excitement around their TV appearance has opened doors, with people from across India and globally expressing interest in FlexifyMe’s programs for postural correction, pain relief and overall better mobility. As the company scales up after this major milestone, they remain laser-focused on their mission: advancing humanity’s well-being through technological innovation.

So whether you’re dealing with a chronic condition or just want to improve your posture and flexibility through online yoga programs, keep your eyes on FlexifyMe. With a Shark in their corner and a powerful vision, this dynamic startup is making preventative health care more accessible and effective than ever before.  Their Shark Tank triumph marked the moment a dream took its flight towards an incredible reality.

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Amit Bhayani
Amit Bhayani

Amit is a renowned engineer and visionary entrepreneur, acclaimed for pioneering transformative open-source technologies adopted by global powerhouses like Google and Nokia. With a stellar trajectory marked by a $350Mn acquisition by RedHat and the expansive reach of Telestax, his expertise is unparalleled.

Venturing beyond tech, Amit co-founded FlexifyMe, borne from a blend of passion and personal adversity with chronic pain. Merging exhaustive research on human anatomy with the ancient wisdom of yoga, he's forged a distinctive, holistic approach to pain management. With beneficiaries spanning 28 countries, Amit's dedication to authentic, natural healing stands as a testament to his credibility and unwavering commitment to global well-being.

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