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  • FlexifyMe is a Chronic Pain Management platform that treats various Chronic Pain like back pain, cervical pain, spondylosis etc via unique combination of online Physiotherapy, Yoga Therapy and patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technology.
  • FlexifyMe has cured thousands of patient from across 26+ countries. Platform has 40+ Physio and Yoga therapists and also Orthopedic Doctors that can help to provide your expert guidance.
  • It's backed by some of the marquee investors like Flipkart, GSF, Ivy Cap etc to name few.

  • Step 1 : You select date/time for a free consultation with our expert Physiotherapist and provide all the details of your condition
  • Step 2 : Physiotherapist will consult online and will make you do relevant exercises
  • Step 3 : Artificial Intelligence engine will help to diagnose the root cause and Physiotherapist will explain further in details
  • Step 4 : A comprehensive report gets generated explaining the root cause along with your postural analysis and also the prescribed exercises that you can start after subscribing.
  • Step 5 : Once you subscribe, the physiotherapy sessions can be scheduled as per your convenience. Also after every few sessions, there will be a progress report creation that clearly shows the progress being made
  • Step 6 : You recover from pain and start living healthy and pain free life

  • All you need is:
  • 1. Yoga mat
  • 2. Space - a quiet and well lit space for exercise and analysis
  • 3. Laptop is preferred but a phone will also do.
  • 4. Good internet connection
  • A +ve attitude that you will overcome all pain and discomfort and a smile on your face :)

  • All our Doctors come from in-depth experience of many years and working with many renowned Hospital Chains like Manipal, Ruby Hall Clinic, Apollo etc to name a few. They all have 10+ years of experience and have treated thousands of patients.

  • We can provide you with home treatment as well depending on City you are from. Please talk to our Health Managers who would have pinged you while you filled the form for FREE assessment/demo.

  • We have treated thousands of patients from across 26+ countries and have 400+ 5 star reviews.
  • One of the main reasons for online Physiotherapy to be more effective is because
  • 1. Patients can access physiotherapy services from the comfort of their homes, eliminating the need to travel to a clinic.
  • 2. FlexifyMe platform provides self practice do it yourself videos that is under supervision of your Doctors/Physiotherapist and is progressive so you don’t get bored doing same activity again and again
  • 3. FlexifyMe app keeps notifying you on your actual condition and motivating you to keep your routine.
  • 4. The knowledge base on App keeps you properly educated on your condition and how to overcome naturally.
  • 5. Access to specialized Physios and Doctors that otherwise may not be available to you.
  • 6. Last but not least, it's cost effective!

  • All our sessions are of minimum 1 hour duration. Sometimes it may stretch for a little longer or even less depending on individual needs.

  • The first consulting session is FREE.
  • Post free consulting our team will walk you through an Assessment report explaining your root cause of problem and also a prescribed plan from your Doctor. The pricing depends largely on your duration and intensity of problem. Team will give you pricing in the Assessment report walk through.

  • Yes you can. Please drop message to your respective health manager