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Combining physiotherapy with latest research and technology to deliver life long results

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Key Features

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Certified Physiotherapist, Orthopaedic Doctors & medical professionals Keeping your health on top priority and program under certified professionals only
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Physiotherapy Grade AI based movement tracking to customize plan & track continuous progress
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Holistic Approach 360Flex approach to combine physiptherapy, nutrition & meditation to recover faster, all naturally

What we treat

Where does it hurt? Our tailored exercise program targets the specific areas where you feel pain.

what We treat


Overcome Cervical, chronic neck pain, stiffness and others

Lower Back





Precision with human touch

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Assessment by qualified Physiotherapist and health coaches

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Monitoring program focused on delivering results

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AI technology powered sensors and monitoring

Our Solution

1AI powered scanning

Let science first understand the strength, weaknesses, and alignment issues in the body

Roadmap1Get AssessedGet Assessed

21-on-1 sessions with an Physiotherapist

Scanning results from the technology are analyzed deeply by the Physiotherapist to further understand the body better

Build Your PlanBuild Your PlanBuild Your PlanBuild Your Plan

3A detailed assessment report

Data from technology and Physiotherapist are combined to build a customized plan for recovery

Do The WorkDo The WorkDo The Work

4Starting the program and constant progress monitoring

Start sessions in expert care and constant monitoring of progress to help you reach a pain-free life forever

Change Your LifeBuild Your Plan

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