This is a question I used to ask myself most of the times before I joined my first online yoga class with FlexifyMe. What ran through my mind was, “Will I have a commitment?” “Is it really worth it without a group of others with me right here?” “Is it like a real physical session?

And the answers are, “Yes”, “Yes”, and “Yes”! Ever since, I have so much love for online yoga because I can practise anytime, anywhere, my bedroom, my living room, during work break, or a few minutes after my lunch.

Some people will find it really hard to commit to a new routine with so much freedom compared to a physical class. I would recommend shifting slowly, practice a couple of times a week as you shift.

Best Teachers

online yoga teachers

With FlexifyMe, you get access to online classes with some of the world’s most talented, senior teachers from India. Which means with online yoga, you have a wide range of high quality, experienced teachers so you can learn from the best from anywhere and anytime.

Less Worries

At home, you can experiment with new poses, often half the battle with new or challenging poses is our ego. So, practicing at home can help you pile up the sofa cushions around you if you’re worried about falling, which is unlikely at a physical studio.

Wide Range Of Choices

Going to a studio everyday or weekly means the chances of finding the same trainer are high, and doing same type of yoga is most probable. However, with online yoga, you can always try other different types and classes, because they’re available and different teachers are always online waiting for you to signup. Try a DEMO Class with FlexifyMe and choose any type of class you want.

Own Your Privacy

yoga privacy

Most people really care about their privacy. Practicing yoga at your own home or bedroom gives you overall control of your privacy compared to a physical studio. Some yoga studios have some distractions from opposite sexes, yet some people would enjoy the session with only one gender. Online yoga gives you the chance to tune into your own body without making comparisons or worrying about how you look like to others.

Practice Anywhere

beach yoga

There’s nothing stopping you! Are you leaving for a holiday or an abrupt business holiday? Take your classes with you. Practice in the sand at the beach, or in your hotel room. Take your favorite classes and teachers with you anywhere.

Personalize Your Space

yoga with candle

Practicing yoga at home means you customize your space anyhow you like. You can pick your own music, use candles of your favorite essence, personalize the look of your space.


Online yoga is cheaper than attending a studio class. With online yoga, there’s no commute costs. With FlexifyMe, classes can be as cheap as 8 cents an hour.

You can also check out benefits of online prenatal and weightloss yoga.

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Dr. Koshal Rathore
Dr. Koshal Rathore

With over 8 years of experience as a Yoga Therapist, I blend ancient Yogic wisdom with contemporary research to manage chronic pain and improve overall well-being. Holding a Master's in Yoga Therapy and currently pursuing a PhD, my expertise extends to areas like weight loss, flexibility, stress, diabetes, and prenatal care.

My research on the effects of Yoga on Musculoskeletal disorders was recognized in the 'UGC Care Journal'. As the Head of Yoga at FlexifyMe, my dedicated approach supports individuals globally, offering specialized online Yoga and Physiotherapy sessions, emphasizing a vision of a pain-free world.

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