Top 9 Postnatal Yoga with Baby Routines: Strengthen & Connect at Home

Strengthen Your Bond, Build Baby’s Skills: The Joy of Mommy & Me Yoga

As a new mom struggling to find time for myself after childbirth, I was thrilled when I discovered Mommy & Me Yoga with FlexifyMe. This special form of postnatal yoga allows me to bond with my baby while getting gentle exercise from the comfort of home. 

Mommy & Me Yoga is a type of gentle yoga that allows new moms to involve their babies in their yoga practice. According to research by the American Academy of Pediatrics, yoga can reduce stress and improve mood for new moms. What’s more, yoga helps babies develop physically and emotionally when they are included.

With a new baby at home, finding time and energy for exercise can be challenging. Going to a yoga studio is difficult and motivation might be low after delivery. That’s why I love that online yoga makes fitting a Mommy & Me session into my day convenient.

For example, I can spread a blanket on the floor for my baby to lie on while I follow along with a 30-minute online class when she is alert and happy. The colors and movements keep her engaged while I get empowered by gentle stretching and breathing. Studies show this type of activity promotes secure attachment and supports developmental milestones as babies start interacting with the world according to recent research paper, Prenatal Yoga for Back Pain, Balance, and Maternal Wellness.

I created this blog to share the Postnatal Yoga with FlexifyMe routines that have worked for me here in India as a new mom. I aim to provide motivation along with simple exercises accessible through online yoga. Please explore the sections below to learn more about the bonding and developmental benefits of Yoga with FlexifyMe.

Benefits of Yoga with FlexifyMe

As a new mom, I was eager to regain strength and energy after delivery, but finding time for exercise was impossible. When I started doing online yoga with my daughter, I found the postnatal recovery I needed along with precious bonding time.  

The gentle stretching helped ease stiffness in my neck, shoulders, and hips from long days cradling a newborn also supported scientifically by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. And holding even basic poses gently firmed my core muscles that had stretched during pregnancy. My flexibility and range of motion improved too – which came in handy during marathon baby snuggle sessions!

Just as importantly, following relaxing online yoga classes reduced my stress levels. When my baby girl nestles into my chest as we breathe deeply together, I release built-up mental tension. This stress relief allows me to be more present and patient as a new mom. Studies from Johns Hopkins Medicine show reduced maternal stress results in better care for babies too.

For my daughter, yoga provides important opportunities for sensory development and stimulation through the colorful mats and toys I use to keep her engaged. Tracking the yoga movements strengthens her motor control. And most importantly, the playful interactions inherent to Mommy and Me yoga sessions allow her to actively bond with me. 

Several times a week, my girl and I enjoy special Mommy & Me time rolling around on yoga mats and connecting through laughter and snuggles. These yoga sessions give me the postnatal recovery I need while helping my daughter build physical strength and an unbreakable mother-baby bond. The shared joy and stress relief carry us through the toughest of parenting days with smiles on our faces!

I hope my story inspires you to incorporate yoga sessions for two into your new mom routine. Please explore the kid-friendly yoga poses I share below to nurture your mind, body and relationship with your precious little one!

Getting Started with Online Yoga

As a busy new mom in India, I rely on the flexibility of online yoga platforms to fit gentle movement into my chaotic days with baby. Streaming classes allow us to do quick yoga sessions even when I haven’t showered yet! 

I recommend checking out FlexifyMe, TruYoga and MomJunction for wide varieties of Mommy & Baby yoga suitable for all levels. Many classes are free or low-cost, so you can sample different styles before committing. 

When choosing an online class, consider your needs and baby’s age. For postpartum recovery, look for gentle flows focused on restorative poses and core strengthening. For older babies ready to play along, find interactive sessions utilizing songs and props to build sensory skills too. Most platforms list class difficulty levels and age recommendations to help you decide.

To prepare, designate a safe play area in your home and gather a few key supplies – I use yoga blocks and straps along with baby blankets and colorful sensory balls. Having dedicated equipment and space makes fitting in quick online yoga sessions much smoother. 

The most important tip? Don’t put pressure on perfect poses – be present with baby and embrace the silly moments! Laughter guarantees the best Mommy and Me workout. Deepen your bond through play and loving gazes as you gently stretch and breathe together.

Fun Poses and Activities for Bonding

Newborn Yoga 

In these early days, choose just 1-2 gentle poses per short session. Finish by singing lullabies or reading books to strengthen your bond through quality time together. 

image 13

Sukhasana with Baby on Mat

Sit comfortably cross-legged, arranging a blanket for your newborn to lie safely on their back. Make eye contact and smile, placing your hands gently on their body to provide a sense of loving touch. Encourage your baby’s natural movements – grasping, kicking, stretching arms overhead. Celebrate each new milestone!

image 11

Partner Neck Stretches

Facing your baby as they recline or sit supported, model neck stretches. Gently turn your head left and right, maintaining loving eye contact. Place one hand behind baby’s neck to very lightly guide them through the same stretches. Go slow, following baby’s cues. 

image 1

Infant Yoga

As baby hits important early milestones like sitting unassisted, interact through playful songs and sensory experiences in addition to 3-4 baby-friendly poses per session.

image 4

Peek-A-Boo Willow 

Fold forward to place head at baby’s feet as they sit. Make silly sounds then lift your head quickly saying “Peekaboo!” High-pitched voices and laughs teach social emotional skills. Repeat, eliciting belly laughs.

image 14

Partner Boat Pose

Sit tall with legs extended. Draw knees toward chest, balance baby sitting up on shins. Gaze into their eyes, engaging core to stay balanced. Smile, giggle, reconnect. Carefully lower baby back into lap.

image 1 3

Toddler Yoga  

Incorporate literacy and art by naming animals and objects while moving. Try 4-5 active poses using stuffed animals to demo. Toddlers learn through imagination!

image 1 1

Dancing Downward Dog

Invite your toddler to be silly in Downward Dog along with their favorite stuffed puppy or kitty. Bark or meow together then “walk” hands toward each other for cuddles. Collapse into laughter.  

image 7

Animal Guess 

Take turns modeling a yoga pose while making an animal sound for the other to guess – Roar like a lion in Tree Pose! Hiss like a snake in Cobra! Your toddler will request this game again and again.

image 9

Stay tuned for more ideas on connecting with your mini yogi!

Tips for Making it a Habit

Here are some tips for building a regular Yoga habit into your busy routine:

As an on-the-go mom, I know first-hand the challenges of trying to schedule yet another thing into already packed days. Between feedings, nap schedules, work demands, and general baby chaos – finding time for exercise felt totally impossible! 

I started by setting a realistic initial goal to incorporate just 5-10 minutes of gentle movement with my son when I noticed his natural wiggly “happy” times after naps or feedings. This allowed us to explore yoga without added pressure.

Gradually we built up our baby yoga bond to 3-4 longer stretches per week by getting creative with timing. I lined up online classes with regular daily windows – like right after morning coffee or before afternoon bottle feedings. 

Involving my husband or mother-in-law to observe our silly stretching allowed me to maintain my yoga routine even with unpredictable infant needs. Don’t be afraid to recruit family support so you can prioritize self-care!

Remember perfection is unrealistic with a busy toddler underfoot. Celebrate small achievements instead of chastising missed days. Some of our sweetest memories come from collapsing into giggles when a pose goes topsy-turvy!  

Use the momentum and confidence from achieving realistic baby steps to expand your commitment over time. Consistency builds gradually. Remind yourself that even short sessions enhance mental health and your precious bond!

Let me know what tips work for making yoga with your little sidekick a nourishing, sustainable part of your schedule!


I hope you’ve found inspiration in my journey discovering the joys and wellness benefits of integrating gentle yoga sessions into motherhood. This special online practice has given me precious memories along with postnatal strength, flexibility and Recovery.

Most importantly, yoga has allowed me to nurture an unbreakable bond with my daughter built on playfulness, trust and shared breath. From her earliest days practicing motor skills on the mat through silly toddler years, our yoga adventures have become treasured rituals.

Remember you can start small! Even 10 minutes makes a difference. I’ll continue sharing ideas and encouragement in their online community at FlexifyMe – visit anytime for new baby-friendly poses, tips for overcoming obstacles, or to ask questions to fellow yoga moms. 

I hope you’ll join us in this journey toward self-care and mindful connection with our tiny teachers. Your baby will love exploring movement and sensory play while you restore your body and spirit.

Let today be the start of a nourishing lifelong wellness habit. Roll out your mats and dive into a rejuvenating session for two! The laughter and cuddles promises to lift your mood instantly.

Commonly Asked Questions for Postnatal Yoga

 Online postnatal yoga is generally safe and beneficial for most new mothers and their babies. FlexifyMe's programs are designed with postpartum safety in mind, led by certified instructors. It's crucial, however, to get clearance from a healthcare provider, especially if the birth was complicated or involved a C-section.

FlexifyMe offers an exceptional range of online postnatal yoga classes, tailored to various postpartum needs. These classes are designed to cater to new mothers looking for both physical recovery and emotional support. Platforms like Glo and Gaia also offer postnatal classes, but FlexifyMe distinguishes itself with its focused approach and comprehensive postnatal programs.

Yes, online postnatal yoga can be instrumental in addressing issues like diastasis recti and back pain, which are common after childbirth. Gentle, targeted yoga poses can help in strengthening the core muscles and alleviating back pain. However, it's important to practice under expert guidance, as some poses may need to be modified for these conditions. FlexifyMe's programs are specifically designed to address these postpartum challenges.

The timing for starting postnatal yoga varies depending on individual circumstances and the type of delivery. Generally, women are advised to wait for about six weeks after a normal delivery and longer after a C-section. FlexifyMe offers different levels of postnatal classes, allowing new mothers to start with gentle practices and gradually progress as their recovery allows.

FlexifyMe provides beginner-friendly online postnatal yoga programs, which are perfect for those new to yoga. These programs start with the basics, focusing on rebuilding strength and flexibility in a gentle, nurturing way. Each class is designed to be accessible and supportive, ensuring a positive and safe yoga experience for new mothers.

FlexifyMe recognizes the financial constraints that can come with a new baby, which is why they offer a variety of pricing options, including free trial classes and affordable subscription plans. This makes online postnatal yoga classes accessible to a broader range of new mothers, ensuring that more women can benefit from these practices.


FlexifyMe's online postnatal yoga classes come in both live and on-demand formats. Live classes provide real-time interaction, allowing for immediate feedback and a sense of community. On-demand classes offer the convenience of practicing at any time, making it easier for new mothers to fit yoga into their unpredictable schedules.

An online postnatal yoga program offers a more structured approach, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive practice from the comfort of your home. It provides a progressive journey, helping new mothers gradually regain strength and flexibility. FlexifyMe's programs are designed to cater to the evolving needs of postpartum recovery, offering a more holistic experience compared to sporadic individual classes.

A typical online postnatal yoga program from FlexifyMe includes a series of classes focusing on rebuilding core strength, enhancing flexibility, and promoting mental well-being. These programs are tailored to the unique needs of postpartum recovery, incorporating gentle yoga poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques. Expect a supportive, nurturing environment conducive to healing and strength-building.

FlexifyMe offers specialized online postnatal yoga classes that are tailored to various postpartum stages, including classes designed for breastfeeding mothers. These classes address the specific physical and emotional needs associated with different stages of postpartum recovery, such as managing the physical demands of breastfeeding, improving posture, and providing relaxation techniques to cope with the new responsibilities of motherhood.

When looking for an online postnatal yoga teacher, key qualifications include a certification in postnatal yoga and experience in teaching yoga to new mothers. FlexifyMe's instructors not only have these qualifications but also possess a deep understanding of the postpartum body and its specific needs, ensuring that they provide safe, effective, and supportive instruction.

FlexifyMe offers a vibrant online community for postnatal yoga practitioners. This community provides a platform for new mothers to connect, share experiences, and find support during the transformative postpartum period. Being part of a community can offer emotional support, motivation, and a sense of belonging, which are invaluable during the postpartum journey.


If you had a C-section, it's important to allow sufficient time for the incision to heal before beginning any postnatal yoga practice. FlexifyMe provides modified postnatal yoga classes for C-section recovery, focusing on gentle exercises that avoid direct pressure on the abdomen and gradually build up core strength. Always consult with a healthcare provider before starting any postnatal exercise after a C-section to ensure safety.

For those with pre-existing health conditions, participating in online postnatal yoga can be safe, but it's crucial to consult with healthcare providers for personalized advice. FlexifyMe's instructors can offer modified practices and personalized guidance to accommodate various health conditions, ensuring a safe and beneficial yoga experience.


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